Heart Disease

When people think about common causes of death, the most common answer is usually cancer. However, heart disease is often overlooked. Heart disease is a massive killer in America and all over the world. Each year, heart disease is responsible for almost twenty five percent of the deaths in America. That means one in four people die from heart disease each year. Yet, heart disease remains a little bit of a mystery. Most people are unable to answer what heart disease actually consists of.

There is actually more than one type of heart disease. It’s important to educate yourself on this topic, in order to improve your longevity and make a difference in your health. The most common form of heart disease is coronary heart disease. This form of heart disease occurs when the blood vessels are unable to circulate your blood to the heart because of buildup on the walls of your circulatory system. Each year over 700,000 Americans will have their first heart attack. Sadly, many of those people will have another heart attack in their lifetime.

There are many other types of heart disease. Coronary artery disease is similar to coronary heart disease but instead of the buildup occurring on the walls of the circulatory system like it is in coronary heart disease, the buildup occurs within the walls. Alcoholic heart disease is a result of too much alcohol, while congenital heart disease is the cause of a birth defect that has weakened the heart muscle. The list of heart disease is very long. The causes are extensive. Whether it is hypertensive heart disease resulting from high blood pressure or valvular heart disease, which affects the heart valves, all of the aforementioned forms of heart disease are killers. The best way to equip yourself is to get to the doctor and receive a health checkup.

It’s never too late to start improving the quality of your life and the quality of your health. You can begin a healthy diet right now and your heart will thank you later. It’s important to treat your heart with respect. It’s the only one you have and it is the engine that runs your entire body. If your heart is in poor health, it will be difficult to avoid a heart attack or heart disease. Get checked out by a doctor and start adding months, if not years, to your life.