Generic Ambien Vs Brand Ambien

AmbienĀ is a medicine which is predominantly used to help people who are suffering from sleep problems day in, day out. The type of sleep problem that this medicine mostly tackles is insomnia, the inability to get a restful, undisturbed sleep at night. Now, there are two different types of manufacturers who manufacture ambien and one is referred to as trade mark brand while the others are referred to as generics. We are here to explain the difference between the two and which one flares better in terms of performance.

Reason behind the origination of generic ambien

Now, when there is trademark brand company that produces best quality ambien, then why is there a need for the generic version? When this pill first came into the market, the trademark company which is a French pharmaceutical corporation Sanofi-Aventis owned the patent for the drug which means they are sole proprietors of the product. But usually if the patent exists for a long time, the price of the medicine hits the roof as that will be the only company to manufacture the product. Hence there will be an expiration date set for the patent and when the patent expires, other companies hopped onto the bandwagon and started manufacturing generic ambien with their own formulations. The generic version must also have the same efficiency as the brand product for it to be approved by the FDA.

So is there a difference between generic and brand ambien?

Although theoretically both brand and generic version has to be equal in their performance, dosage strength, route of administration and lasting time, some generic brands are known to cause high levels of drowsiness in some people. But the effects might be different for different people. Some people have also seen no improvement in their condition after using generic ambien. But these problems can be subdued easily by taking certain measure.

Ensure that the generic product is manufactured by a reputable company and is approved by the FDA. FDA only approves a product after conducting clinical tests on the safety and efficacy of the generic version. Conduct a thorough research on the efficiency of the generic ambien manufactured by that particular company. Only some generics are known to cause certain issues in people. Others are known to give an excellent result which is a bang for the buck.

Some medicines also promise to provide the same result as brand which means that it is therapeutically equivalent in nature but they need not necessarily use the same active ingredient which is zolpidem. Due to this reason, some people suffer from side effects or do not see any significant changes in their condition. Hence make sure to use a sleeping medicine that is generically equivalent to the brand one which means both contain the same active ingredient.

In what aspect is generic ambien better than the real thing?

There is one big thing that generic is mostly preferred rather than brand and that is the cost factor. Generic medicines can reduce the price of the medicines by 50 % when compared to the brand one. This is the major reason why people buy generic one instead of the brand one. The price difference even though seems too good to be true, is quite possible because the generic manufactures do not have to go through the trouble of spending great expenditure and research and development of the medicine. Even after manufacturing, the trademark brand companies have to invest on clinical studies to determine the efficiency of the pill. Hence due to the elimination of all these charges the generic medicine is much cheaper than the brand one.